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Since the time of the Native Americans, ginseng has been known in the West as an herb that increases energy, alertness, and strengthens the immune system. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, ginseng is used to tonify spleen and lung qi and reinforce one’s original qi. In addition, it benefits heart qi and calms the spirit.

Ginseng is translated as “man root”  because it looks like a tiny man.  In keeping with the “Doctrine of Signatures”, ginseng is therefore beneficial for humans since it resembles a human body.  Legend also has it that it is the child of lightning…  the combined elemental forces of water and fire. Today, ginseng is referred to as an “adaptogen,” a substance that is supposed to help the body better cope with mental, physical or emotional stress because the plant itself had to cope with stress during its growth. Ginseng thrives in places that endure all four seasons.

Since the 1980s, studies have explored ginseng’s affect on athletic performance. According to a 1982 study by the University of Munich, male athletes who took ginseng extract twice a day increased their oxygen uptake, recovery rate, and had decreased muscle fatigue. Even after the test subjects stopped taking the supplement, they experienced enhanced metabolic efficiency after three weeks.

Ginseng is considered a highly potent adaptogenic herb, meaning that it promotes longevity. However, not all ginseng products are created equal. The ginseng root reaches maturity in its sixth year. Saponins, the compound in ginseng that accounts for its health benefits, reach their maximum during the sixth year. The Ginseng Sublime Drops in our product line are composed of ginseng that is not less than 6 years old. This means that you are receiving the full benefit of the unique adaptogenic qualities ginseng has to offer as well as the added bonus of not depleting your yin. Cheaper ginsengs products are made from younger ginseng which is not quite mature and balanced yet. Therefore, they are potentially too Yang for the body and will deplete Yin energy with consistent use.   Ginseng that is at least 6 years old is considered safe to take as a daily supplement if adhering to the daily recommended dosage.   If you have high blood pressure or are taking blood thinners, please consult your herbalist to make sure ginseng is safe to take and if so, how long. Don’t have an herbalist?  Schedule an herbal consultation with William Potter, L.Ac. today! (619) 722-0219.

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