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In order to keep the element of Fire in Balance, here are some general suggestions and some other articles to read for further study.

Summer is hot and in some areas, rainy, which disturb the fluid and electrolyte balance of the body and lead to lethargy, weakness, fever, thirst, lack of appetite.   Keeping the body cool and balanced in the summer can be achieved by consuming foods  such as bitter gourd, watermelon, strawberries, tomatoes, mung beans, cucumber, wax gourd, lotus root, lotus seed, Job’s tears, bean sprouts, duck and fish.    Minimize consumption of red meat, greasy and fried foods in the summer as they generate more heat.

In general, the daily diet should contain more vegetables and fruit at this time so as to stimulate the appetite and provide adequate fluids.  It is a Chinese tradition in summer to make soups for clearing summer heat, eliminating dampness and promoting digestion.

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