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Qi Gong with William Potter at CrossFit Encinitas

Qi Gong William Potter San Diego, EncinitasWilliam Potter has been studying Qi Gong, Yang, Chen, Wu and Wu Dang Tai Chi, Wu Shu,  Xing Yi since 1992. He began his journey with Master Jianhua Guo  at the Championship Martial Arts Academy of Chicago, training under Master Guo, Shifu Daniel Pesina, and Shifu Tony Marquez.  William continued studies with Master Tsai of Chicago, Shi Yan Ming of New York,  Jeff Primack of Supreme Science Qigong, Kai Van Bodegom-Smith of Nourishing Life, and Kai’s teacher Yang Lao Shi. He has since embarked on 2 trips to China to film and deepen his studies of the martial arts. Among his travel sites is the legendary Wudang, long considered the birthplace of Tai Chi.

Join him for classes every MWF from 9-10am at the CrossFit gym in Encinitas. His style is guaranteed to leave you with a deeper understanding of your own Qi, energy, and breath. You also never know when he will include one of his well-loved breath empowerments!  Please visit the CrossFit website for information on class packages.