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William Potter, L.Ac. has been studying Internal and External Martial Arts since 1992. He began his journey at Michigan State University learning Yang Style Tai Chi and  continued to deepen it with Master Jianhua Guo at the Championship Martial Arts Academy of Chicago, training under Master Guo, Shifu Daniel Pesina, and Shifu Tony Marquez.  William continued studies with Master Tsai of Chicago, Shi Yan Ming of New York,  Jeff Primack of Supreme Science Qigong, Kai Van Bodegom-Smith of Nourishing Life, and Kai’s teacher in China, Yang Lao Shi. He has since embarked on 2 trips to China to film and deepen his studies of the martial arts. Among his travel sites is the legendary Wudang, long considered the birthplace of Tai Chi.   He also spent time studying with Don Miguel Ruiz and 3 of his immediate apprentices, Heather Ashe, Ginny Gentry, and Francis Puerta.    During this time of study, William\’s practice was combined with a heartfelt appreciation for life and deepened his perspective on Chinese Arts.  He continued and continues to explore and teach Chinese Wu Shu, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Xing Yi and Bagua.   Enamored with the Chinese Healing System, William moved from Chicago to San Diego to pursue his Masters in Traditional Oriental Medicine.William has a Bachelor of Fine Arts, from Michigan State and a Masters of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego.  He spent a lot of time acting and producing plays and slowly moved into Physical Theatre where his Martial Movement Skills assisted him in working with Redmoon Theatre and Jellyeye Drum Theatre in Chicago.   He brings a sense of play into his Tai Qi and Qi Gong classes, workshops and individual treatments.William has a passion for the Chinese Movement Arts, Chinese Medicine and Daoism.   It would be his honor  to share some of the wisdom he has gleaned over 20 years of practice.